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Example Match Analysis: Federer vs Nadal
The 2008 Masters Series Hamburg was a tennis tournament played on outdoor clay courts. It was the 101st edition of the Masters Series Hamburg, and was part of the ATP Masters Series of the 2008 ATP Tour. It took place at the Rothenbaum Tennis Center in Hamburg, Germany in May of 2008. A year prior, in the 2007 final, Roger Federer defeated Rafael Nadal, ending Nadal's 81-match winning streak on clay. The 2008 final resulted in a re-match of the world #1 and defending champion Roger Federer verses Rafael Nadal. Below is an example analysis of the 2008 final using the Tennis Stat Tracker Pro software.

Match Notes

Date: 05/18/08
Event: Masters Series Hamburg - Men's Singles Final
Surface: Clay
Players: (1) Roger Federer vs (2) Rafael Nadal
- Federer up 5-1 (40-30...set point) in the 1st set, Nadal with only 46% of 1st serves in. Several of Federer's unforced forehand errors resulted when he ran around his backhand. Otherwise, Federer's forehand was impressive, hitting 7 winners and forcing 2 errors from Nadal. Federer choosed to serve and volley on set point, hitting his swinging forehand volley out. Nadal comes back to break Federer, deny a 2nd set point oppertunity for Federer at 5-2 (40-30) and makes a hard faught comeback to take the 1st set 7-5. Nadal's 1st serve percentage increased significantly to 67%, along with several Forehand winners and forced errors. In the 1st set, ALL of Nadal's 1st serves (whether in or out) were to Federer's backhand or to the body.
- Federer and Nadal open the 2nd set by trading breaks of serve. Just like the start of the 1st set, it appears that Federer is going to dominate the 2nd set, going up 5-2. Nadal fought back, pounding Federer's backhand with 1st serves and ground strokes. At 5-5 (0-40) Federer faced three break points but managed to hold serve. Eventually the 2nd set was decided by a tie break, Federer winning the 2nd set.
- Nadal continues to work Federer's backhand and hits some excellent passing shots to get an early lead in the 3rd set, 1-3. Federer's forehand also letting him down in the 3rd set, resulting in several unforced forehand errors. Nadal's forehand becomes a powerful weapon in the 3rd set, giving him control of the majority of the points. Federer starts to win points by coming to the net...but it's not enough, as Nadal wins the set 3-6 and the #108 of the last 110 clay court matches.

Match Statistics

Below is a screen shot of the complete match statistics as recorded by the Tennis Stat Tracker Pro software.

Match Breakdown

There were a couple of stats that had an effect on the match outcome. The first was the placement of Nadal's serves. Nadal's serves clearly targeted Federer's backhand. As a result, Nadal forced 14 service return errors, 11 of those going to the backhand side.

The second was the ratio of Federer's forehand and backhand unforced errors verses winners. Federer's forehand and backhand resulted in 15 winners and 38 unforced errors. So for every winner Fed hit, he also hit two unforced errors. That's not a ratio that's going to win you a match. In comparison, Nadal had 16 winners and 17 unforced errors.